Popular science:health and the body


作者:Chong Wei Wei[原作]


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd.



ISBN:9789810818944 ; 9810818947


This is a science comic on the structure of the human body.

The story relates on ways to take care of the body. If you neglect to take proper care of the body, it will send out signals to remind you in the form of sickness.

Highly recommended for those who seek to know about body health.

  • Health And Nutrition(p.3)
  • Spices(p.9)
  • Where Does The Food Go?(p.14)
  • My, what a pong!(p.25)
  • PoisonousCigarettes(p.31)
  • Fingers, fingernailsand fingerprints(p.37)
  • How Long Have You Not Been Exercising?(p.43)