World of colours


作者:editor, Chuah Hock Seng;illustrator, C. S. Tong


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd.


集叢名:Science in everyday life


ISBN:9789810709235; 9789810709242


Science in Everyday Life is a series of 11 books written in simple English and illustrated with relevant pictures and diagrams to enhance the general knowledge of science.
The contents in each book of the series are designed to excite and motivate the readers to develop a keen interest in the phenomena of everyday sciences.

  • World of Colours(p.2)
  • Wonderful Light(p.3)
  • Red(p.4)
  • Orange(p.5)
  • Yellow(p.6)
  • Green(p.7)
  • Blue(p.8)
  • Violet(p.9)
  • Black(p.10)
  • White(p.11)
  • Mixture of Colours(p.12)
  • Why are Things of Different Colours ?(p.13)
  • The Importance of Colours(p.14)
  • The World is Made Beautiful With Colours(p.15)
  • Glossary(p.16)